Add-on to any EAS system, eliminating Organized Retail Crime

The #1 solution worldwide

Hyperguard, the #1 solution worldwide for detection of boosterbags. Boosterbags are used for heavy shoplifting by all ORC gangs, in order to shield detection of tags and thereby the not activate the EAS alarm.

With 10 years of experience and more than 100.000 of antennas installed globally, Metalguard is the most used ORC add-on to EAS. Benefits are:

1. Detecting ORC tools at entrance
2. Avoiding ORC gangs and raising customer shopping experience
3. Avoiding ORC events and reducing employee turnover

The ROI for the endusers, is usually less than 6 months. Less than 5 boosterbag apprehensions, usually will match the cost of a Hyperguard add-on.

Hyperguard has the following features:

1. Metaldetection: Better than any existing solution, Hyperguard detects all boosterbags, both as bags, jackets, pockets and babystrollers.

2. Door filter: The door filter allows installations maximum 70cm away from the moving door. This will eliminate any false alarm from oving doors.

3. Trolley filter: The trolley filter eliminates all alarms from trolleys passing the aisle. This is the perfect solution to any supermarket and Hypermarket wanting to eliminate the increasing losses from ORC gangs with boosterbags. This is a patented solution that is nowhere else to be found.

4. Magnetdetection: Based on revolutionary 3 dimensional patented technology, Hyperguard detects detachers when these enter the retail environment. Combined with metaldetection, this is a patented solution that is nowhere else to be found.

5. Remote adjustments and monitoring: This feature offers immediate adjustment of features, service and remote collection of important data that supports your business desicions.

Alternative use of Hyperguard: This is detecting the shopping trolleys when arriving or leaving.

Particularly in urban areas the stock of shopping trolleys in many supermarkets is reserved only for indoor use but that often leads to a costly problem. Customers are ignoring the appeal of leaving the trolley inside and uses the trolley for bringing the purchased products home or to the car park – and the trolley is lost! A Hyperguard installation can stop that undesired traffic!

In some bigger markets the trolleys are for several reasons not allowed to enter but it costs too much to have a guard checking the entering customers. A Hyperguard installation can stop that undesired traffic!

In many center-shops the trolley are considered a problem because of theft, damage of furniture, confusion etc. and therefore not allowed to enter but especially on busy days – when the problem is biggest! – nobody has time and energy to look after entering trolleys and undesired situations occur. A Hyperguard installation will solve that problem!

These and several other problems can be solved with a Hyperguard installation – lately we heard about a section in a big hypermarket exposing fragile products where they did not want trolleys to enter as the famous elephant in the glass-shop. Hence the possible applications are plenty…

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