Establishing a new class of its own. Fighting professional shoplifting made with tinfoil lined bags, illegal detachers and magnets.

1st class metal detection secures, better than any existing solution, detection of even the smartest “booster-baggers” with their tinfoil-lined bags and pockets.

Effective detection of magnets and detachers based on revolutionary new technology. An effective stop also to the many shoplifters using strong magnets or illegal detachers to open security tags.

100% exclusion of metal shopping-trolleys makes it the perfect solution to all super- and hypermarkets wanting to eliminate the increasing losses caused by booster-baggers and smart guys with magnets and illegal detachers.

Sliding-door filter allows, as the only system on the market, installation close up to sliding-doors without false alarms from the moving doors while at the same time maintaining an effective detection!

Advanced remote adjustments and monitoring offers not only immediate adjustment of features, service and defective systems but also remote collection of important data that supports your business desicions.

All data from the Hyperguard system is tranfered to a secure cloud data storage network. The data is presented on a secure website and giving management the real-time data to make business decisions upon.

A service package is available on a yearly subscription plan consisting of 24/7 statistical overview pushed to a chosen email address or as text, instant alert to a mobile phone when the security system goes off-line. All contributing to a more profitable business.

Innovative technology and strong patents places the 100% digitalized Alert Hyperguard  in a class of its own – a fact already plentifully confirmed by the high pre-interest in the system from the world’s biggest retailers and EAS-operators!

Alert HyperGuard

Setting new higher standards of anti-shoplifting… Groundbreaking innovative technology defeats the most costly, often professional, shoplifting.

No other anti-shoplifting company possesses an experience in these fields of  anti-shoplifting similar to  that of Alert Systems.  Now applying today’s most innovative technology to the many years of experience we have  created a groundbreaking  future  multi-purpose  system - the Alert Hyperguard:

NO more theft with tinfoil lined bags!
NO more opening of security tags with illegal detachers and magnets! 
NO problems with “false alarms” from metal shopping trolleys! 
NO problems with installations up to sliding doors! 
NO not-working systems!